Subject Re: [ib-support] BDE and dialect 3
Author Arno Brinkman

> Do anyone knows how to make the BDE (5.2) work with a dialect 3 database
(64-bit large numbers)
> ? Is there any magic registry setting aside the TBCDField ? it could be
done because I knew how to
> do it once, but I lost the recipe from my vault.

Do you mean this :


To use the new InterBase 6 Dialect 3 features, add an entry
to your Windows registry under
Borland\Database Engine\Settings
\Drivers\Intrbase\Db Open\SQLDIALECT
and set the value to "3".

When an InterBase alias is created, the new entry will be
available in the .CFG file.

To use InterBase 5.6, SQLDIALECT can be set to "1" (existing
IB aliases which do not have the SQLDIALECT entry default to
SQLDIALECT=1 or to the registry setting when the SQLDIALECT
entry is added to the registry).