Subject Re: [ib-support] Delphi 3 component for Interbase Service API Need
Author Theo Bebekis

> Did you use IBO? There already are donated components for the services API.
> Did you happen to start with them or from scratch?

No I don't use IBO. The company I work for still uses the IBX
that comes with Delphi 6. I just started coding and reading
the API documentation as an educational game in my spare
time. Which means I started from scratch.

Actually our business consultant department wanted an
easy-to-use Interbase/Firebird back-up scheduler.
That gave me the cause to start. They are happy now.

I studied the services code of the IBX and the IBPP library( though and after
enough "try and error" attempts my code is working fine now
(except for the un-tested limbo resolution code)

Personally, I like IBPP code for its simplicity, but the IBX services
code was valuable to me (and the documentation of the command
line tools) since the documentation of the services API is rather incomplete and
inaccurate and the IBX coder(s) seems to have the correct information.

I have to say that the API is straightforward and now I believe
I'll continue writing database, transaction and dataset classes
and donate the code to Firebird project if they want it.

In a later time I plan to convert it to ANSI C++ code so others
don't using Delphi (Windows, Linux etc) could benefit from it.
Just a thought, though...

I have the code of the FreeIBComponents (from ibphoenix)
and the ZEOS lib (
and I believe I have to gain much knowledge studying it.

If that services code donated to the IBO is freeware available
I would be glad to take a look at it. So please drop me a line.


Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece