Subject RE: [ib-support] How to embed Firebird 1.0 into a Win32 application?
Author Alan McDonald
what's the difference between embed and install? do you mean copy files as
you install and expect it to run? if so, then I don't think so. You need to
install c/w registry settings. but I include ther server install in my
setups and have the server install if it's required as an option, otherwise
just the client gets installed.
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Subject: [ib-support] How to embed Firebird 1.0 into a Win32 application?

Hi all,
What is required to embed a Firebird 1.0 server into an application
for Win32? Is it possible to do so?
E.g. MySQL can be embedded by copying the bin, lib and share
directories. So I'd like to do something similar with Firebird. Is
there any documentation available online?

Many thanks,

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