Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: FB and MSSQL (speed test) REPOST
Author Arno Brinkman

> > Changing the SQL to an complete different query ?
> > Sounds that IBO let the query prepared and IBX not because you assigned
> > SQL.Text again.
> No, if you change the SQL IBO will do an unprepare automatically.

I mean when the Query is the same !

> I know why IBO is faster than the rest. I figured out a way to have less
> chatter across the wire. IBX would need to do a whole lot of work to close
> that gap, which work Jeff said he wasn't ever going to do.
> Keep in mind this benchmark was done across a DSL line so IBO's more
> efficient network usage really shines more brightly here. On a LAN and
> especially local, there is not going to be a significant difference in the
> same benchmark. In fact, IBO is probably a tiny bit slower because it is
> doing the little bit of extra work on the client to make things more
> efficient on the wire.
> In short, I thought it would be very much worth it to have a performance
> degradation of 0.01% in a local environment (negligible) in order to gain
> 100% improvement on a slow/remote connection (very appreciable).

Oh yeah, nobody would complain about the 0.01% ;-)