Subject Re: [ib-support] check constraint stops working after backup and restore
Author Raymond Kennington
Tomas Michalik wrote:
> Raymond Kennington wrote:
> But then you have to create many foreign keys (we use this domain on
> many places). Defining this constraint on a domain saves (actually would
> save :-| ) work. And then there is still the problem with necessity of
> creating indexes for foreign keys ...
The indexes are created automatically when a foreign key is specified.

Although the main table shouldn't need the extra index (and this is documented to be
changed) I've not found it to be a problem having it. Some say it slows down some queries,
particularly if there are many of these in one table. It will increase size, but I don't
know if it will matter in my current project. Neither of these made a noticeable
difference in a multi-user db that was used for 6 years with 5,000 transactions per

I am more concerned about me ensuring database integrity, and to ensure integrity when
future developers work on clients for this database.

Raymond Kennington