Subject Re: [ib-support] Altering Stor Proc
Author Valdir Stiebe Junior
I've got these errors to when trying to alter a procedure and have more ppl
than me connected. Only when everyone logoff, including me, and then connect
i can alter the procedure.
Sometimes when changing only datatypes of procedure parameters, everything
appear ok, but only when everybody disconnect the change has effect.


ps.: Sorry about the poor english on this message.

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From: "Sandeep Chandra" <sandeep@...>
Subject: [ib-support] Altering Stor Proc

> I'm getting following error when I try to alter the procedure
> [This operation is not defined for system tables. Unsuccessful metadata
> update. Erase RBD$PROCDURE_PARAMETERS failed. No permission for control
> access to procedure test.]
> The owner of the procedure was SYSDBA, but was changed it to OWNERA in
> system table.
> Regards
> Sandeep