Subject RE: [ib-support] To grant "alter table type" priviledges ?
Author Alan McDonald
SYSDBA is the owner at the moment and therefore is the only one with the
grant option.
To avoid a rebuild you need to have another user installed (by your ISP if
you no longer have access) and have all tables/procedures etc granted all
with grant option to the new user . Sometimes a rebuild is a better option

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Subject: [ib-support] To grant "alter table type" priviledges ?

IB v6

I have created all my tables with sysdba. I now need to be able to make
table changes using another user (db is running at an isp, I don't get
sysdba access). And I don't want to rebuild my database.

Can you grant "alter table" type priviledges to another user. Or change
ownership of a table.

Thanks Dennis Cons.

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