Subject RE: [ib-support] Changing Character Sets
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> My quetions are these:
> 1) How do you know which character set supports which languages? Is
> there a list available somewhere?

There is an overview of which character sets and collations can be used,
but not exactly which one is the best for which country.

Have a look in the InterBase Beta Documentation Set (AFAIK can be
download from or the Firebird Documentation
Set available on the 3rd IB Phoenix CD.

> 2) Is it possible to change the default character set of the database
> and all tables and fields after it has been created. If so, how?

Without pumping data from a source to a destination database? Only by
hacking system tables, which can be pretty tricky and therefore not
recommended (btw, I've done something similar from NONE to WIN1252 and
collation PXW_INTL850 two years ago. It worked for me, but as I said
I would not recommend it).

Thomas Steinmaurer
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