Subject RE: [ib-support] Urgent: Insufficient Disk Space
Author Leyne, Sean

> Sean, shouldn't the Version info from IBConsole say build
> 796? I installed the
> Firebird-
> But in IBConsole it says is:
> "Version WI-V6.2.794 Firebird 1.0"

As Helen said, this is a glitch in the install.

> This is what we have at home and at work and it doesn't let
> the file size go
> past 4 GB. I do have page size set to 8K. Should it be 16K?
> But if so,
> that will only double the size, right? And I thought the
> size could go to terabytes.

The page size has no impact on the file size limit -- well actually it
does but we're talking file sizes which are well well beyong 4GB in

Are you _sure_ that you're running on an NTFS volume????

I'm sorry to be a stickler on this one, but I know of someone who is
running a 20GB single database file system on Win2000 with NTFS. So
something is 'not computing here'.