Subject Re: Longevity of firebird / Interbase
Author alex_vnru
--- In ib-support@y..., Mark Patterson <mpatterson@b...> wrote:
> thanks,
> But it's not firebirds capabilites that come into question. we are
> trouble with quick reports in Delphi, because it seems to have
fallen into
> neglect from the developers.

Mark, look at , I think this is best
and well supported report builder for today.

> perhaps, over to Firebird: it's small, will it lose its support and
> as well.
So if it has a big development team, I can say, See, all
these people
> are doing it because they love it and they will fix any bugs our
customer may
> report.

Do you really believe that project supported by 1000 schoolboys is
more reliable than one by 10 professionals? ;) IMHO long future of any
project started on enthusiasm is dependent mainly on management aimed
on self-financing of the project, look at Linux clones. Do you see
nimbus around anyone's head here to be shure in his predictions on
this subject? :) Can anybody predict fate of Borland IB? What about
speed of bugs fixing - I had never seen so high one in Borland IB
which is used by me since 1995.

Best regards, Alexander V.Nevsky.