Subject Re: [ib-support] Longevity of firebird / Interbase
> We ust had a strategy meeting with a consultant today. We've adopted firebird
> for out factory management system, and he was suggesting that because it is only
> little known we should find something with a more stable future.

Change your consultant! But there again if you can afford a
consultant ...
If you have a current stable copy of Firebird do you
actually NEED any more?

> So, after the meeting I looked up the Powered by pages on the IBPhoenix site,
> and well, they don't seem to have changed much, and a number of the links were
> broken. Hmmm..

IBPhoenix is not the main site, but just one of a number. gets you the main
developers site with current status.
Version 1.5 sounds as if it is coming together but some way
to go, the java drive is getting there, and I use the php
interface for Interbase without any problems. Personally
FB1.0 will be in use for some time to come and probably
until we eliminate windows from the user machines <g>

> But does any one have any stats about the uptake and support of firebird? And
> how big and active is the development team?

The current version of Firebird is working 24/7 for a lot of
people, but you are right, it would be nice to know how many
others are using it.

There are other free database engines, my own systems gain
conciderably from Firebird's transactional powers, somewhere
that the others are lacking. If you intend to sell the
system, you are totally in control. If it is just in house,
then what did you want from the consultant. Try asking here
and you may find some more ideas.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services