Subject Re: [ib-support] queries, indexes, and c (as an afterthought)
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 09:09 PM 9/1/2002 +0000, jonathanmfreedman wrote:
>can u speed up a query by creating a column that is a composite of
>lastnamefirstnamemi and then indexing it, versus a composite index
>of lastname, firstname, mi? (one column versus three columns)

No, in fact you'll probably make the retrieval slower because
the single column key will include blank spaces at the end of
the last name and first name. When constructing a compound key,
Firebird compresses out those spaces (suffix compression). A
smaller key is a faster key.

>can u write c code in a stored procedure? or can u only call a
>stored procedure from c code?

No, but you can call a UDF from a stored procedure and UDF's can
be written in C.


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