Subject Re: [ib-support] connecting openoffice/linux to firebird
Author sibusiso xolo
On Tuesday 03 September 2002 05:35, Paul Reeves wrote:
> sibusiso xolo wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I managed to connect Firebird1.0 to OpenOffice/Linux via ODBC. I
> > however was not able to browse the tables.
> >
> > Question1: Has anyone else tried ODBC and were able to browse tables and
> > could they offer any asistance?
> I have not tried to use an odbc driver on Linux. However, the problems
> will almost certainly lie in the particular driver, not in Firebird or
> OpenOffice. Which driver(s) have you tried?
> > Question2: Has any one been sussessful via jdbc (interclient or jca) and
> > could they offer any assistance?
> Lots of developers have successfully set up InterClient on Linux. You
> need to post the error message you received, along with a description of
> the problem and the versions of Firebird, InterClient and the JDK that
> you are using.
replies herewith:
jdk used (jdk 1.3 (blackdown) on one machine and jdk 1.4(sun) on other
JAVA_HOME set in bash_profile
( classpath also include reelevant jars in the jdk and other java utilities
I use)
the version of interclient is in fthe following tarbal downloaded from
sourceforge I think:
tarball was decompressed in subdirectory (of /opt/interbase) called
interserver started by xinetd
settings made:
jdbc driver class: interbase.interclient.Driver
url: jdbc:host:/where/ever/database/is/, "user","pass"
openoffice response: zilch

The situation was just as disappointing with dbvisuziiser:
the above settings were used
plus all interclient jars were loaded with the JDBC driver manager)
with dbviz the response on pressing the connect button was
javaLang NumberFormatException.
(machine had jdk1.4 sun)

I beleive I even tried the borland interclient patch without much success.

efforts with the jca driver were much more encouraging

settings made for the jca driver:
jdbc driver class: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDrover
url: jdbc:host/3050:/where/ever/database/is/ "user", "pass"
with openoffice: no response:
for dbvisualizer connection extablished: connection message:
FirebirdSomething = = not yet implemented
FirebirdSomething = = not yet implemented
FirebirdSQL jca/jdbc resource adaptor

Alll tabs on the dbvisualizer were active. On the table tab however the
tables were not displayed. (I assumed since this is very much a beta driver
soon this problem will soon be fixed)
> I'd look at getting Firebird and InterClient working properly together
my efforts are outlined above, I look forward to receiving your advice.

> before worrying about the OpenOffice end of it.
I think you will find OpenOffice connects with all the major databases db2
oracles and the Opensource/FS ones such as PostgreSQL and and MySQL. So it
is in firebird's interest to have OO connectivity asap.

> Paul