Subject Re: [ib-support] ???? is not a valid database...
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Dion,

Dion Oliphant wrote:
> Hi,
> When backing up a database, I get the following error "???? is not a valid
> database...". Is it the version of IBConsole I am using( Where
> can I get a free tool at least as good as IBConsole? Server version -
> WI-T6.2.679 Firebird .
> Thanks,
> Dion.

i would guess IBConsole is the problem. you could try IBOConsole by Lorenzo
Mengoni from, a fixed and enhanced version
of IBConsole.

or look on under "admin tools" for some more options.

you may also try a newer release of Firebird if that doesn't solve your problem
(build .796 is the "official" 1.0 release), though it's unlikely that FB is the
source of the problem.


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