Subject Re: [ib-support] Problem with insert without specifing value for DATE
Author Martijn Tonies

> > I've heard of problems with IBExpert before - but not related to this.
> >
> > Usually, changing a NOT NULL flag requires everyone to log out of
> > the database afterwards to take effect. Was there, by any chance, still
> > some connection opened?
> Restarting Firebird and recreating DB from backup have solved my
> problem. I run and exit IBExpert and other FB application few times from
> time when I changed NOT NULL flag, so I'm almost sure that all
> connections were closed. Only almost, unfortunately...
> For session run my insert, the table metadata shows field as nullable.
> So it was very strange that I can't insert NULL there.
> Thank you for help. Now I will know that closing all connections is
> needed to made my structure updates correctly. Strange thing I haven't
> seen on other RDBMS I've worked with (Oracle and MySQL)...

That's because the NOT NULL flag is changed via a system table hack -
not standard DDL ...

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