Subject Re: [ib-support] GBAK and crontab
Author Valdir Stiebe Junior
Hi Gerhardus, i'm using Delphi Clients (ibx) with Firebird Linux Server
a lot of time ago i got some messases like yours when executing gbak from
two things i had to implement:
a 'kick every body from database' event....
and before the delphi client try to log in it check if exists a lockfile
that i defined....
so my crontab looks like:

- put lockfile in place
- kick everybody
- gfix to validate the gdb
- gbak
- take of the lockfile

i think the problem was users trying to login while gbak is running...
what was causing a lot of validation errors....

that's it... wish this help you...


> There is quite a lot of
> INET/inet_error: read errno = xxx(104 and 111)
> as well as
> /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard:guardian starting bin/ibserver
> and thirdly
> /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard: bin/server terminated abnormally (-1)
> all of these errors have the following line at the top
> localhost.localdomain (Client) Date
> I also sometimes get
> INET/INET_connect: gethostbyname failed, error code = 2
> Frankly this worries me because I dont know what is causing this.
> What I dont understand is how does this relate to gbak. Gbak works
> fine when I execute it but not when crontab does.
> I have given the script and the directory where the file is written
> full permissions to the group and user which is both root.
> All this machine is supposed to do is do database serving.
> We do have some networking problems because the xp machines are
> having trouble to see the rest of the network we dont have a pdc
> or dns server. All client accessing is done via direct tcp/ip.
> Our clients are programmed in Delphi, connections are specified
> and not a machine name. The network is a mix of w2k
> and xp. When I get time I want to make the db-server a dns and samba
> pdc as well. That will hopefully sort out some network as well as
> database problems.
> I have not set or changed anything special. I have done a normal
> FB rpm installation and followed all the relevant install instructions.
> I am running Super Server version LI-V6.2.796 Firebird 1.0
> I changed my crontab to execute it a bit earlier. I then double checked
> log file to see if there were any entries created for that time, but there
> were none.
> I also checked /var/log/cron
> and errors and warnings files. They were both empty
> There was also automatically a log file created for my script under
> /var/log/ which is also empty.
> Groete
> Gerhardus