Subject Re: [ib-support] TIBUpdateSQL ?
Author Woody
This is more a Delphi specific question, even though on the Borland groups,
as soon as you mention Firebird they will direct you here. You can either go
to using ClientDatasets or TIBDatasets or IBO. Using TIBQuery should be
reserved for non-interactive updating of data and displaying, not editing.

Woody (TMW)

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Subject: [ib-support] TIBUpdateSQL ?


I'm still porting a Delphi application from Access to Firebird. I
understood that CachedUpdates are not the right way to use TIBquery.
Is it false ? Or do I have to replace all my TIBUpdateSQL with some
TQuery doing the same action ?

It's not a pb if I have to change this. I just want to do the right
thing for Firebird :)

Thank you


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