Subject Re: XSQLDA bug was Re: FB: Cross db queries, temp tables etc
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:52 PM 28-08-02 +0000, Alexander Nevsky wrote:
I wrote:
>... in an API macro that fails to reset the input > parameters in the
>XSQLDA parameter structure when returning to the client.
> My experience shows that this bug was fixed in Firebird's gds32.dll
>somewhere in builds 607-609 times. I have'nt nor such a problems
>neither need to unprepare and prepare procedures again since that time
>using Firebird. I remember I posted simple script and client code when
>even unprepare/prepare did'nt help and soon after it Ann fixed the
>problem where it should be fixed and stopped need to shamanism :)

Ann, could you please confirm? Some people are still reporting this
problem with build 794. If it is indeed fixed, it would make it simpler to
pinpoint the cause as a mismatched client lib...