Subject Re: problem with very simple Stored Procedure
Author brets1001
Hi all,

My problem is solved now. I installed Marathon and it work fine now.
I don't think i'll use it, i find it very messy and unproductive,
although i know it's powerfulness. I will look for an other DBA

From the beginning, i was almost sure my code was OK, and it was in
fact. I use to code a lot with interbase 6, but that was last year.
Thank god i didn't turn stupid since!

By the way, i am now programming a small intranet with PHP, and i
tried to execute the same procedure. But a very strange error message

> InterBase: message length error (encountered 0, expected 8)

I used a regular query expression:

> ibase_query("execute procedure set_timeout")

Can i execute procedures this way using PHP?

Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it a lot.

S. Breton