Subject RE: [ib-support] FB: Cross db queries, temp tables etc
Author Leyne, Sean
Some answers:

> Couple of Qs:
> 1) Does FB support cross-db queries?

Yes and Not really ;-)

Yes, using the QLI language.

Not really, effectively speaking the QLI language (although still
supported) has been out of mainstream use since v4.0.

> 2) Does FB have anything similar to Sybase temp tables?

No, although most people have found that using selectable SPs (which can
be treated like a table) provide the same effective result.

{There is a pending feature request to add true Temp tables)

> 3) Is it possible to restrict execute permission on a stor proc to
> certain users/groups?


> 4) Does FB create SP's execution plan only once or every time SP is
> executed?

I don't know for certain -- I want to avoid giving you the wrong answer.

> 5) JDBC: If PreparedStatement is executed in a loop, will it be
> re/compiled when it's prepared or every time it is executed?

Only when prepared.