Subject Re: problem with very simple Stored Procedure
Author brets1001
Ok, i tried this code, suggested by helebor:

> AS
> begin
> update online_ set timeout = current_timestamp;
> end ^
> SET TERM ; ^

but still, the same error message appears to me:

> Statement #1:
> Unknown error.

What i realised today is that I AM UNABLE to run any procedure using

If i add a return value and i run the procedure through a SELECT
query (i.e. SELECT * FROM SET_TIMEOUT), the procedure runs fine. But
using EXECUTE PROCEDURE only produces an error message.

I use IB Query to code my procedures, i am not sure what type of SQL
it uses (iSQL, dSQL, xxxSQL...). I have used this software for a
while, but always to create procedure called by SELECT queries.

Maybe it's IB Query which is the problem. What are other good
software for programming firebird?

Thank you

S. Breton