Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: problem with very simple Stored Procedure
Author Alan McDonald
you should always have the suspend; in there
even SQL Explorer does not like the absence of suspend
the unexpected end of command is the END statement since there is nothing
telling the parse to actually return or what to return
You might ilke to check the traffic with an sql monitor
I can highly recommend IBExpert too, there's a personal version for free -
this tool returns a result without the suspend but I would not omit the
suspend statement all the same.

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: problem with very simple Stored Procedure


> I have indeed and I get no errors

well, my copy of Marathon (version 16, build 16) won't execute that
statement (it won't execute _your_ statement, too).

The same old error message is given "unexpected end of file", plus a
new one "token unknown, line 3, char 1".

When I execute the original statement - using a different SQL editor -
FB will create the stored procedure and it will work also w/o
the "suspend" line.

Could you please state version, build and time stamp of your Marathon
copy ?

Thank you


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