Subject Re: [ib-support] help with deop command without IBConsole.
Author sibusiso xolo

I had in fact found IBCOnsole 343 for linux. But it seems broken.
Before dowbloading, the program's poster reports his email as anonymous.
After unzipping the downladed tarball, there are no install instructions,
two library files, two symbolic links, the IBConsole executible and a
two-line shell script the secnd line of which points to a non-existant file!.
After setting the Library-path etc, running either the shell script or
the IBConsole executible returns an error "segmentatin fault". I first
tried on RedHat 7.3 and SuSE8 with qt3 and thaught it might be due to qt
library incompatiblities so I switch to redhat 7.2 which uses qt2. But i had
the same problem. On the Borland site I also read reports of others who
have tried IBConsle343 with the same results. If there is somene on this
list who has IBCobsole for Linux working, some help fom him/her would be

Unlike you I do not use windows. I use linux for everything (desktop, network,
and pda). With Linux/FS philosophy one does not get the type of problem as
above with IBConsolle343 for linux. I am giving Firebird a try because it
has potential to grow into a substantial FS/OS/RDBMS. It is in cultral
metamorphosisis but I am hoping it will evolve to be like the other two
high quality FS/OpenSource databases PostgreSQL and MySQL with elegant GUIs
that work, numerous interface with TK/TCL, JDBC, ODBC, Python, Ruby,
Eifffel, inks to OpenOffice, Rekall etc etc etc. .... I hope I am not

On Monday 26 August 2002 22:53, Artur Anjos wrote:
> You don't google? :-)
> Sorry, I can not give any more help: I don't use IBConsole very often, and
> I always use a Win machine to manage all my Linux Firebird Server. And I
> don't use to drop databases very often. :-)
> Artur
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