Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: problem with very simple Stored Procedure
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Duilio,

may i ask what *build* of Marathon 1.6 you are using? i remember there where
some bugs in the earlier builds, but build 15 and 16 where pretty stable.

You could try a newer version of GMarathon (the open source version of
Marathon), you can get it from - however they have
some (other) known bugs... You could also take a look on under
"admin tools", there are links to some free and stable tools there that you
could try. (IB_WISQL, IBOConsole, IBExpert Personal Edition...)

Apart from that, you should *always* have either a Suspend (Select Proc) or Exit
(Executable Proc) at the end of an SP. (this may be confusing Marathon's parser,
but that's just a guess - don't have the 1.6 version here to test it).

good luck!,

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