Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Helen: Low Selectivity Problem
Author Alan McDonald
I might jump in here...
I do not use foreign keys at all in my databases!
ooooh I hear frowns and tisk tisks here....
but nonetheless, my triggers do all the work for me. They also provide a far
more comfortable environment to develop in.

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: Helen: Low Selectivity Problem

> See my posting yesterday in response to Raymond Kennington's
> "Foreign keys and low selectivity".
> Also (when the Atkin server comes back to life) search the
archives on the
> word "selectivity".
> As for referential integrity, it is perfectly possible to manage
> yourself with triggers. I don't have time to "write the manual"
for you
> but trying searching the net for articles about the concept - it's
> structural issue rather than one that's database-specific. See
> EXCEPTION, a handy tool in writing RI triggers...

Understood, and will do.
Sorry, I just panicked when I read your post.

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