Subject Re: [ib-support] Handling multiple locations
Author Joe Martinez
A thought was just occurring to me. I don't have this type of problem with most other types
of records. That is because most real life objects in the world are designed with databases
in mind. Products have part numbers. Product units often have serial numbers. Cars have VIN
numbers. The list goes on. These are fixed, non-changing ID's that will not change, no
matter what database they go into, and stay relatively constant over time as well.

Humans weren't designed by people, and so, don't have unique identifiers. Oh wait, yes we
do. We (in the US) have social security numbers that uniquely identify us. Unfortunately, we
are so privacy-concious that we don't like to give those out. A good, thing, I guess, for
people, but a pain in the *** for database programmers!

(Could I have a sample of your DNA, please? We want to store it in our database to make sure
that your records are consistent among our various locations.)