Subject RE: [ib-support] Data Caching by IB
Author Daniel Rail
At 23/08/2002 06:57 PM, you wrote:
>My immediate goal is to test web application performance, not to improve it.
>To give a valid test result requires absolutely consistent performance of
>data retrieval functions. From the answers I have received so far, it
>appears that the best way to achieve this is to avoid caching. For updates
>and insertions, I would propose to use gfix to enable forced writes. Is it
>possible to prevent caching of read-only data?

Not that I know of.

> Maybe I have to set

Don't forget to use gfix to modify at the database level as well. What
I've found is that the one in ibconfig is the default value that is used
when creating a database. Then to change that value, you have to use
gfix. But, setting both of them to 0, should do the trick. And, don't
forget to restart the server, so the changes in ibconfig come into effect.

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