Subject Re: [ib-support] questions using 16bit bde
Author Martijn Tonies

Personally, I think you will NEVER get good performance by using
TTable stuff and a 16bit BDE ... Both the BDE and TTable like
thingies are highly ineffective with InterBase. With TTable, you're
trying to see a client/server database as a simple network-driven
file record-storage thing. This simply won't work.

And as you haven't developed the app - you're pretty much running
into a dead-end too.

Martijn Tonies
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> I write to you because we have a kinda special problem.
> My company is reseller of a software that is quite established in its
> area and many people use it.
> The software is a set of 16bit applications, and per default it uses a
> paradox 5 database.
> The database access is done through the (16bit) bde.
> As the application uses a quite simple database structure, it runs out
> of the box
> with Interbase6 as well.
> The main application does many calulations, and then updates and inserts
> to a large counter table.
> With paradox, the speed of the application is very good. But we look for
> a stabler solution, as with
> paradox we regulary have trouble with broken indexes.
> When we use Interbase, the application runs approx. 10-20 times
> slower.
> The application can also run with MSSQL7, also through the bde, using
> the sybase driver.
> With msssql7 the speed is also much slower, about the same than with
> IB.
> I have tried playing with the cache in IB, with different page sizes,
> write_async and with the parameters
> that can be set in the bdeconfig. (sqlquerymode, sqlpassthrumode, driver
> flags).
> I also read "10 things you can do to make IB scream" and tried what they
> said. But this document
> seems to be more developer-related.
> I've also tried out Firebird 1.0, but saw no difference compared to
> IB6.
> Somehow I suspect the 16 bit bde being uneffective with real (not
> paradox) databases.
> The application is written in Delphi and Pascal, and uses a lot of
> TTables I think.
> Well, we are kinda desperate as we want to use Interbase/Firebird, and
> get rid of paradox
> and its problems.
> We passed one customer from paradox to IB, but we had to go back to
> paradox one week later because the
> speed difference was too big :-(
> I know we can not do much, as the application is not developed by us.
> But maybe someone on the list has some more ideas where and what we
> could try to tweak...