Subject Re: [ib-support] DBExpress and Isolation Level
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Marcos,

CUSTOM would mean that the DBExpress driver you are using supports it.
That is, the value you set for the CustomValue in the TransactionDescriptor
should be used by the driver.

Do you know if it does?

As for reading the docs, I believe that SNAPSHOT pretty much is the same as
REPEATABLEREAD - can someone comment on this?

Martijn Tonies
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> Hi. I'm using DBExpress and I need start an SNAPSHOT isolation level
> transaction. The dbexpress driver only come with DIRTYREAD, READCOMMITED
> and REPEATABLEREAD options, an one more, CUSTOM.
> If I use CUSTOM, then I can supply the CustomIsolation parameter that is
> an LongWord. Anybody can tell me what value is used to indicate the
> SNAPSHOT isolation level?
> TIA,
> Marcos Vinicius.