Subject Re: Interbase v6.01 S-L-O-W on disconnect
Author Aage Johansen
KevinHerrmann wrote:
> Recently, our app using Interbase v6.01 began to get S-L-O-W on
> disconnect. I have checked google web and groups for help but came up
> with something similar that seemed to fix itself.
> ...

Are the disconnects slow on the LAN as well?

My first guess would be "this is what you get for using BDE + TTables +
I've seen slow disconnects, but these were reaaaaally slow - caused by a
sweep thread kicking in, I assume.

I haven't used IB/6.01 myself (just IB/5.6 and Firebird) - maybe you should
make sure you are using the latest version as early IB/6.01 had serious

Aage J.