Subject Re: [ib-support] Working with XP's Offline Files
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
I don't know XP, but I do know that Firebird needs a physical path, not a
mapped drive. I guess XP store your file somewhere locally when you select
"Made Available Offline". You have to find out where that is physically,
and make the connection to this place rather than through the mapped drive X.

And then you just hope that things will work, and that XP/FB will not try
to interfere with eachother (I'm glad I do not know much about this,
because I suspect there may be lots of issues regarding using this feature
with FB. I guess you would be better off with replication, but you probably
only risk losing some data and sleep by using "Made Available Offline" -
nothing more serious).


At 02:57 21.08.2002 +0200, you wrote:
>I have encountered a curious phenomenon today ...
>I have a network drive mapped as X: on my Windows XP laptop. It contains
>the Firebird data files from a server. When I go home, I want to be able
>to continue using these files thru XP's function "Make Available
>I have a local Firebird server on the laptop. However, when I am offline
>and I try to make a local connection to database files on drive X:,
>Firebird doesn't accept them as local files but attempts to connect to
>the remote server. So the attempt fails even though XP has made the
>files available locally.
>Is there a way to locally connect to files "Made Available Offline"?
>Thanks for any hints!
>Tobias Giesen