Subject Re: securing the *.gdb
Author andrew_s_vaz

Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't a isolated Fb/Ib problem. As
far as I can remember, most (if not all) C/S databases are that way.
If anyone get's the datafiles, they *have* the data(the last time
I've tested, even Oracle was that way...). The secure stuff is
logging into the server, no-one should be able to get to the
datafiles (except the Dba or the Network Admin).

If you want something specially protected, use some type of Cypto on
the data.


> Well Scott my app requires that I supply certain data to the
customer. It is
> this data that constitiutes the intellectual property, and also
thus the
> interest in the product.
> With access, and I don't in any way wish to use access, you get a
> form of the database ie .mde fiel if I recall correctly.
> I've seen other users referring to a possible *.gds filew ie a
secure .gdb
> file.
> I will look into the securing of the server issue and thanks for
the link,
> but that is not my problem.
> Well I await as others a answer if any?
> Thanks Adrian
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> > surely if someone can get a copy of the gbk or gdb file, your
> > security is already totally broken down?
> Surely, it is up to you, or your system administrator, to secure
> Operating System so that no one but root or the firebird user can
> access the file. If you use NT you are hooped, but if you use
> for the Firebird server, it is simple to secure files.
> Scott.
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