Subject RE: [ib-support] securing the *.gdb
Author Alan McDonald
surely if someone can get a copy of the gbk or gdb file, your security is
already totally broken down?
You have nothing left to protect
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From: Adrian Wreyford [mailto:awreyford@...]
Sent: Saturday, 17 August 2002 19:22
Subject: [ib-support] securing the *.gdb

How do I secure a database ie*.gdb file?

I've searched the group and most of the talk I found was on securing the
server. My *.gdb file makes part of a distributable package, and anybody
get to the data in the *.gdb, and I need to secure it as with *.mde files
for access databases. The hard work lies in structuring the data to make
usable, and if anybody can get his hands on this, then it makes all my
a waste of time!

Once the *.gdb file in question has been copied or backed up, anybody with
SYSDBA password on another Interbase server, can have insite into the
and database structure.

This would appear a serious threat to ones data, especially if it is
sensitive eg: Medical, Banking data.
Access to the data on a single server is controlled by isc4.gdb, so on the
server it is safe, but once a person has a copy of the *.gdb, he can open
his own pc with his own isc4.gdb, and the *.gdb is no longer secure.

All answers will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Adrian Wreyford

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