Subject Re: Firebird performance with much data
Author Aage Johansen
Geert Bevin wrote:
> My question is, has anybody trusted Firebird with that much data and is
> glad he did. Is the performance acceptable? I'd really be horrified if
> I'd be forced to go for Mysql or Oracle.

We have some tables in the 1-6 million records range, up to about 500
No problems for about 2 years with IB/5.6 and 1 year with Fb/0.9.5. Very
happy with it.
I don't know JDBC, we use Delphi/6 and IBO.
As for speed, I observed a program transferring records (declared record
length 500 bytes) at the rate of 2000 records/second. It was run locally on
a 2 CPU server with fast mirrored disks (15krpm), no indexes except for the PK.

Aage J.