Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird performance with much data
Author Bob Lazarchik

> My question is, has anybody trusted Firebird with that much data and is
> glad he did. Is the performance acceptable? I'd really be horrified if
> I'd be forced to go for Mysql or Oracle.

I have been using Firebird for 18 months now in a Semiconductor
manufacturing environment. The most heavily used database is a tool log
file that gets upwards of 5,000,000 entries per day. One file, before we
cleaned it, had 700 million records. To my knowledge I have not had one
error with this database. As for performance we have inserted 400 records
per second ( qualifier this is on a dual pentium 1.4GH Ultra SCSI 3
system ) and no problems. These records are relatively small, about 200
bytes each, but this is still acceptable performance. Our data is on
another database but only adds about 1mb per day so its use is limited and
it has performed flawlessly.

We program in Delphi 6 C/S and use Interbase express components (although
are thinking about changing to IBO because of Borlands lack of support for
Firebird ).

Good Luck

Bob Lazarchik
Semiconductor Diagnostics