Subject Re: error: key size too big for index
Author vsvadlenka
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> vsvadlenka wrote:
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> I need collation on columns, because I access database through ODBC
> driver and without collating sorting is bad.
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> Indexes are great for selecting records, but for sorting the
benefit might
> prove 'negative'. If you want to have an index just for sorting
you may be
> better off without that index.

I have compounded idex for quickly finding out, if such record
exists, for performance reason. Maybe three separate indexes would
do that job?

> If the sorting is "bad" you can try to specify the collation
directly in
> the 'order by' clause.

I can when I'm accessing database by sql, but users are connected by
ODBC driver, and they see and sort tables in MS Access.

> There is a limit on key length, and it depends on the (number of
bytes per
> character in the) character set (I think).
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> Aage J.