Subject Re: error: key size too big for index
Author svein_erling
Hi Vladislav and welcome (I cannot remember to have seen any message
from you before)!

First, I thought the maximum index length limit for non-english
character sets was close to 80 (240/3) and not 60 characters, but I
may be mixing things.

You could use separate indexes for each field rather than a compound
index. If this leads to many duplicate entries it is sometimes
benefitial to add the primary key to the end of such an index (I
expect that you have a primary key consisting of an integer populated
through the use of a generator - if not, start making it a habit).

-collating myself to a decent character

> I need collation on columns, because I access database through ODBC
> driver and without collating sorting is bad.
> There is some internal limit on index key soze, about 60 char if
> collating is used and it is too small, (about 255 chars without
> collating).
> Is there any workaround?