Subject Re: How to assure backup is OK
Author mivi71dk
Hi all

Nice little tread I got started here.

I have learned a lot by this discussion, and thank everybody.
I myself is properbly just a little more than a novice when it comes
to SQL and Databases. But I'm learning.

As a comment I can say that I have developed 3 applications in
Delphi 5 (2 using IBX and 1 using BDE).
My FB Is the lastes version and runs on a Windows 2000 server with
RAID (mirror).
I have around 25 clients connecting directly via LAN and yet another
50 clients connecting via 3 terminal servers (running Windows 2000
with DUAL CPU, RAID etc).

This particular site has been running almost 20/7 (not entirely 24/7
but almost).
I have ONLY experienced crashes because of a BACKUP of my file
I have NEVER lost ANY data !!
I my humble opnion its the savest DB i haver worked with (havn't
worked with so many yet).

I just about to alte my backup rutine to exclude GDB files and
manually do a GBak (maybe I use that bacth file posted earlier).

So all in all I am very happy about FB and Delphi.

Now I just look forward to see the FIB Components instead of TIB !

Thats that.