Subject Re: How to assure backup is OK
Author gkrishna63
--- In ib-support@y..., Michael Weissenbacher <MWeissenbacher@n...>
> i've never lost ANY data in a firebird database since
> then. i think if you really lose data with firebird it is 99% a
hardware > problem. we are running internet servers 24/7 without
crashes or restarts

Thank you for the confidence booster. I need it as I am shipping my
product soon.

> i suggest to do a backup and a restore every time you change the
metadata of
> your database. i've used this with success for a long time.
> regards
> mw

I have now started doing this. I think this should be standard
practice for everybody.(After all the tables have been populated with
some test data) Maybe it should go into the documentation.