Subject Re: [ib-support] RE: indexes are one way streets
Author Woody
From: "Michael Weissenbacher" <MWeissenbacher@...>

> > You were probably thinking of the ORDER BY clause of a query which does
> > allow each field declared to be either ascending or descending. <g>
> >
> > Woody (TMW)
> well no (and yes)
> i thought: if i want to speed up some sortorder that does use asc and desc
> at the same time i cannot create a single index to speed up this
> i actually have used single column indexes in these circumstances.
> as some other people already stated this is the way to do it.
> i still feel that this is some kind of limitation but it's the way
> works. would it make sense to post this as feature request or do you
> consider this nonsense?

I'm not sure if it would make any difference internally to be able to have
ascending and descending field order in a single index. Only the gurus know
for sure. <g>

If it would make a difference, then yes, I would think a feature request
would be warranted. It depends on whether the single, dual-direction index
would improve or hinder the operation when doing multi-directional ORDER
BY's. I use these types of ORDER BY clauses a lot when using grids that let
the user click on columns for sort order. The first click sorts ascending
and a second click on the column sorts in descending order but usually there
are other fields (determined by the program) included after the users choice
as well and these are always ascending.

Woody (TMW)

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