Subject Re: How to assure backup is OK
Author svein_erling
Hi Michael.

I guess most of us know that making a raw copy of a database file is rather unpredictable. So most of us (well, excluding me since I do not do the backup) use gbak. Then your backup utility can make a copy of the resulting .gbk file.

How to ensure this backup is valid? Well, restore it and check that your data is still there!


> Just a few weeks ago I realized that I can't take a Backup of my DB
> file from Veritas Backup to a tape if there is any users connected
> to the DB.
> The DB would get corrupted, and wouldn't work again until I did a
> backup - restore procedure.
> Then I came to wounder how do other people ensure that the backup
> the take is valid ?
> And how do they control that no user is attached to the DB ?