Subject Re: Firebird bug 223060 / greater than in selects
Author svein_erling
Hi Stewart!

I see that you've already gotten some answers and been able to speed thing up a bit.

> I believe I have the necessary indexes created on the various
> tables. In the case of tbTour, I have a compisite index on
> tbzipcode, tbcountry.
> select *
> from tbtour
> where countrynum='276'
> and zipcode >= '32650' exhibits the same behaviour.
> Would anybody have any ideas/suggestions?

Yep, I have got another one. An index on (zipcode, countrynum) is useless for this query, whereas an index on (countrynum, zipcode desc) should be very useful - i.e. get countrynum before zipcode (since that one use '=') in your index and make at least zipcode a descending index ('>' can use descending, '<' ascending).