Subject Re: [ib-support] Order of inserts
Author Martijn Tonies

If you don't use an ORDER BY clause, the result-set is un-ordered.

Or at least, the ordering in unspecified and implementation and
situation (query-plan etc) dependent.

So, if you want your result-set ordered, use an ORDER BY clause.

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> Hi
> I have e table in which I have inserted a lots of records.
> Sometimes I have to access some of them in the exact order they were
> inserted in.
> If I just do a "select * from Table where MyField=:PMyField" can I
> then be sure that the fields returned to me are in the exact same
> order as they were inserted in ?
> I have done some test, and it seems this way, but I would like to be
> sure.
> Of course I could put on a Autoincrement field to solve my problem,
> but I havn't one now, and would like to solve my problem without
> doing this.