Subject Re: Developer tool needed
Author svein_erling
Hi again Jenny!

> I use Interbase 5.6 och to test sql statements and

Aha, Swedish. I thought your name indicated from Iceland, but "och" reveale=
d your true identity.

> administer the databases I use IBAdmin. IbAdmin locks
> up from time to time, doesn´t deliver correct data
> sometimes and there are a lot more bugs.
> So I would like to change. I don´t need to administer
> a lot of user and so on because we are a software
> company. I mainly test sql statements so I need a good
> debugging tool built in.
> Would also like a good online-help. What do you guys
> suggest?

The simple thing to use is IB_SQL, a freeware tool from =
I simply write my SQL in the page for Cursor, prepare it and inspect the pla=

IB Workbench which you have been recommended is brilliant for DDL - I only =
used the trial version a couple of times, but found it unusually intuitive. =
Press the button you find natural, and it normally works.

> BTW: Thanks everbody that replied to my questions
> about changing conditions in a WHERE clause. I went
> with the UNION suggestion.

So, I and Andrew lost out? I thought UNION was primarily for selecting diff=
erent columns of the same type and not as a replacement for OR, but the most=
important thing is just to make things work and reasonably simple to mainta=
in and most suggestions would have worked for that simple problem.

-Norwegian, but still reasonably friendly towards Swedes