Subject Re: [ib-support] (unknown)
Author Scott Taylor
At 04:25 AM 07/08/2002, you wrote:

>***(I never know whether in text I should use IB or FB or IB/FB.
>It's like he/she problem :-)***

More like FB/IB. Firebird is more Interbase then Interbase is Firebird, I
would say. ;0)

That said, if the question/statement pertains to only InterBase, then IB,
if only Firebird, then FB, if both then FB/IB. Kinda like quantum logic
huh: Yes/No/Maybe or Both?

>Thanks to recent posts by Ivan and Helen, there is a new poll
>available to settle the above question in a definitive, scientific,
>gender-neutral manner...
>This should provide an interesting picture about which flavour is in
>majority use by Group members. Head over to the left panel Polls
>section and cast your vote!

What? No URL?