Subject Re: Network-Some Q's
Author mk_delphi

> 1)I read in a post that you cannot serve firebird from a Win98/ME
> machine. Is this true? Why is this?
No, FB work on 98 and ME, on ME dont use .gdb extension..

> 2)When setting up the connection, I understand the DatabaseName
> property needs to be server:drive+path\dbName
> If the share name is simply \data, do I still need d:\data?
> Is DatabaseName the correct property to use here?
Using TCP/IP use : servername:drive+path\dbName
Using NetBeui use: \\servername\drive+path\dbName

> 3) Can a particular machine (poss. Win98) which hosts the db to the
> clients also have someone on the machine accessing the same db? (I
> know this is not recommended, but is it possible) Does it just come
> down to the Protocol property?
Yes it is, but use the same databasename property..
i.e. the same protocol...(TCP/IP I prefere)