Subject Re: IB settings
Author csswa
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> I have a 3-tier application using BDE ! (Maybe the Problem !)

Exactly. Just do a search for BDE in this forum to understand the
Pandora's Box of problems you are likely to encounter. BDE is not
robust enough for large-scale C/S. Crickey, even Borland know this
because they're phasing it out. Standard procedure is to recommend
conversion to IBObjects. If I had a dollar for every time somebody
converted their C/S app to IBO and said their problems miraculously
disappeared... yeah, well, I'd only have about six dollars... but if
I had a dollar for every time I exaggerated...!

From the symptoms it sounds like it's your app server freezing, not
the IBserver. How is the middle tier handling transactions and

> Using client and server app in the same computer, that issue raise
> "Lock conflict on no wait transacation ..."

Okay, so correct me if I am wrong here. When you run two instances of
your app (client + middleware + IBserver) on the same computer, and
attempt to update the same record in both instances, you get the
standard IB lock conflict message and everything is fine: the first
committed transaction goes ahead and the second fails (it does not
wait, 'no wait transaction'). Or are you doing your test *without*
the middleware?? More info!!

Andrew Ferguson
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