Subject Re: [ib-support] Page Sizes
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Richard,

Richard Pendered wrote:
> Hi, just a quick and simple question:
> On the Win32 version 1 release, is 16k a valid page size ?
> Rich P...

simple answer: YES!

from the doc on feature requests closed for FB1.0:

Enable support for 16kb pages
Feature - Added v1.0

Modify the engine and GBAK routines to allow for the an increased page size to
be specified beyond the current 8kb page size.

This will allow for a greater database size as well as can allow for the
developer to tune the database to meet their hardware environment.

What's a bit confusing here is that the FirebirdRefGuide.pdf gives a different
answer: from the SLQ Statement reference on CREATE DATABASE:

PAGE_SIZE [=] int

Size, in bytes, for database pages
int can be 1024 (default), 2048, 4096, or 8192

so no mentioning there of 16k page size support - however i just tried it (with
Build 821) and it works fine by just specifying PAGE_SIZE=16384 in a CREATE
DATABASE statement, so the RefGuide must be wrong here...

regards & hth,
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