Subject Re: IB settings
Author csswa
Jed, it's a long-running query -- why do you say the server 'freezes'
when two people run the same long-running query? Please describe
exactly what 'freezes' means, e.g. IB server process stays at 0%?
100%? You've monitored the process and can see that there is no disk
activity on the db file or temp sort files?

Sorry, but again there is no magic answer for you. There are too
many variables to even guess at what's happening in your case.

How does your app handle transactions? What type of IB connectivity
does it use (e.g. BDE, ODBC, etc.). What are the server and client
platforms? Size of db? Contents of query?

As One-L would say, How long is a piece of string?

You'll need to provide much more detail to get to the bottom of this.

If it's transaction locking that you suspect, read more about it here:

But believe me, transaction locking in IB is simple, elegant, and
bombproof. The fault does not lie there.

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "Jed Nicolau Filho" <jed@p...> wrote:
> Thanks Andrew
> I have long trasaction for several business role ! I have tested
for two
> users imput at the same time exactly ! Interbase freeze !!!
> I don't know how is its schema lock transaction !!!
> Or If there is settings for that !
> What's the way, please ?
> Thanks in Advance
> Best Regards
> Jed