Subject Re: slow line & tcp/udp udp/tcp converter
Author csswa
Over at Freshmeat there's something called Iproxy (beta), but that's
for linux (you're on Win?).

"Iproxy comprises a client-side proxy and a server-side proxy that
allows arbitrary TCP/IP services to run over broadcast, multicast or
unicast UDP. It was originally conceived as a web-based interface to
configuration of servers that had not been given an IP address on the
LAN. "

The white paper for this and TCP->UDP->TCP concepts is here (watch
the linewrap):

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "gbehnke2000" <Behnke@h...> wrote:
> many thank's to your hints and proposel. Reading the recommended
> papers respectively Internet-Sites i found that the most recommend
> way is to use udp-protocoll instead tcp for slow wireless
> connections.Unfortunately (might be i looked over the lot of
> i did'nt found a software availabe on the market which i can
> and use between a Client and a Server (might be a Proxy-Server).
> anywhere a idea which company offers such a software ?
> Many thanks again
> Gerhard Behnke